Kingtiger Small Pyrolysis Machine Price 2019


Waste disposal and pyrolysis are very crucial. If you are inneed of disposing of waste plastic you will need to look for the pyrolysis plant. If at all you have small waste then small pyrolysis machine is ideal for your project. This type of pyrolysis machine will be the right one asit is one of the most popular among the people who have small scale projects. Small scale pyrolysis machineis sometimes referred to as bath-type pyrolysis or the mini plastic pyrolysis recycling machine. It majorly covers a small area and its energy consumption islow when compared to the other type.

The working principle of the small plastic pyrolysis plant

  • The working principle of this machine is based on the various stages that are done within the machine. All the stages will help inimproving the production and have high-quality end products.
  • Feeding stage- in this stage, the waste is feed on the automatic screw feeder to carry out the task.
  • The heating process- once the waste is added they are taken to the pyrolysis reactor where the heating starts from the inneras it will rise as it is heated.
  • Generation of the oil stage- as the heating continues the gaseous will be formed which is taken to the manifold. At this,the particles will be liquidfied and cooled down. They will be later preserved in the oil tanks.
  • The combustible gas processing- at the heating process a combustible gas will be formed, the gas will be collected and sulfurremoval is done in this stage.
Small Pyrolysis Machine
Small Pyrolysis Machine

Reasons why the use of the small scale pyrolysis machine from Kingtiger is ideal

The Kingtiger small pyrolysis machine is well known among most customers who have used the machine and hence it has been given positive reviews on how effective it is working. There are some customers whose waste amounts are low and they too have a different financial situation that varies depending on the situation in which they are. So most of them their budget is well catered using this type of machine from Kingtiger.

Similarities between small scale pyrolysis plant and continuous pyrolysis equipment

They both use the advanced technology- the small pyrolysisplant has adopted the advanced technology which has helped in effective turningor processing the waste plastics into useful products like carbon black andfuel. All these products produced are useful resources and are in high demand within the market.This technology helps in increasing the healing process and work for a long period. This will in turn help in improving the working efficiency and reduce the cost of production.

High-quality devices- both of the machines are equipped with high quality and safety devices. They both have a dusting system with anadvanced system that helps in making the whole process to be environmentally friendly.This makes the plastic pyrolysis to be safe.

High pyrolysis efficiency- despite the type of operation youmay decide to use for both systems, there will always be high yields from theplastic pyrolysis process. Firstly, the horizontal condenser is made in a way that helps in the improvement of the yielding process. Both of these machines have been installed with a special catalyst that helps in reducing the sulfur contents and liquid density henceimproving its color and output.

continuous pyrolysis equipment
Continuous pyrolysis equipment

The superiority of the Kingtiger small pyrolysis machine

Enough space- despite the name small, the machine has got enough space; this will help the customer to cut some of the cost that may beused to plastic pyrolysis process.

It is cost effective- the price of the machine can be afforded by most customers. This will help them to get a quick profit from plastic wastein a cost-effective way.

The machine design is very easy and the operator can operate it effectively without any problem. Managing of the small pyrolysis plant is too manageable.

It has safety in emitting- the emission capacity with it is somehow small. The emission iswell protected by the use of the environmental protection emission and thishelps in doubling the emission safety of the machine.


The small pyrolysis machine price is something that youshould worry about considering the profit that you will get from the machine.

With Kingtiger, the machine can be afforded by most customer.

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